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One of The Largest Mobile Imaging Groups

Express Mobile Imaging is Southern California’s premier mobile imaging group. Making medical imaging at homes, nursing facilities and medical groups simple and timely is what is most important to us. With a variety of certified and local ultrasound technicians on staff, Express Mobile Imaging is ready to become the medical imaging extension of your practice.

  • Express Mobile Imaging was founded with one simple goal: providing safe, reliable access to high quality imaging regardless of the patients location. We have worked alongside mobile medicine groups, memory care and assisted living facilities, as well as walk-in clinics to meet the growing need for mobile imaging throughout Southern California.
  • Medical Imaging is our passion at EMI. Our administrative staff ranges from Medical Assistants to former Imaging Technicians, meaning every member of our team is ready to assist you knowledgeably and insightfully. We take great pride in our customer service and unmatched client and patient support.
  • Express Mobile Imaging was founded by 2 local San Diego businessmen and a Los Angeles based Radiologist. After struggling to access imaging for patients with mental health and behavioral issues it became ever apparent that there where patients with imaging needs that were not being met by traditional imaging centers.
  • We believe that imaging should be available to all, so at EMI we are making it happen regardless of patient location. We have technicians throughout Southern California ready to dispatch to your patient house or your facility.


Express Mobile Imaging was formed with the idea that everyone should have access to high quality medical imaging. As such we are able to perform our diagnostic imaging at the patient site, whether that is a doctor’s office or at the patient’s residence. EMI is a leader in establishing in house diagnostic programs such as vascular labs; This allows on site imaging specialist to facilitate orders immediately at the doctor’s office as opposed to sending the patient out to an imaging center.

Mobile Imaging

Mobile imaging is our expertise; We started door to door servicing our patients at their residence to ensure a professional and comfortable imaging experience for those who may find it challenging to get to a traditional imaging center. When mobile diagnostics imaging is the preferred method of imaging, Express Mobile Imaging is your one stop shop.

Diagnostic Programs

The establishment and creation of an in-house imaging program is appealing to many mid to high volume clinics. If your provider that wants to provide as many services to your patients in-house then this program is for you.

  • No equipment cost
  • No payroll cost
  • Focus on patient care
  • Provide in-house diagnostics as a competitive advantage

Insurance Affiliates

Express Mobile Imaging is a growing network of healthcare facilities committed to providing you with the very best care through uncompromising standards in healthcare services.

Express Mobile Imaging is currently accepting the below insurance plans:

What to Expect

Providers Expectations

  • When sending a referral for imaging expect a confirmation of reception.
  • Upon confirmation of your referral receipt, you will receive a confirmation of patients appointment; This is done within 2 hours of receiving your referral.
  • We will arrive to your patients house on time and perform the requested studies.
  • Prior to leaving we will ensure your patients study has been sent for reporting and any patients questions have been answered.
  • You receive you report within 24 hours and make your clinical decisions.

Patient Expectations

  • Patients should expect a phone call from our EMI scheduling team within 2 hours of receiving the referral.
  • The EMI scheduling team will work with you to set a convenient time for your appointment.
  • Once scheduled, patients can expect our technicians to arrive within the time frame given.
  • Upon arrival our technicians will introduce himself by showing your there identification badge for patient and technician safety.
  • After explaining the test to be performed, we will begin our imaging appointment.
  • Our technician will give disposable shorts to change into for appointment.
  • Most tests are carried out with the patient lying flat on their back. At the patients residence this is usually done in a bed, on the couch, or a recliner seat.
  • Upon completion of the appointment we will clean up after our-self and send your report to your provider.

Staff Members

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Mobile Medical Groups

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We Are Happy To Help You

Our teams of qualified and skilled technicians provide a personalized experience by striving for patient comfort and adapting to the patients environment. Utilizing the latest medical technologies and imaging techniques, EMI technicians are committed to delivering convenient, high quality imaging services to meet the needs of patients and providers.

Working with us is as simple

  •    Fill out our order form
  •    Receive confirmation of your patients imaging appointment
  •    Receive imaging report